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Thomas S. Geraghty

Big rig accident law requires an attorney who understands not only the motor vehicle code, but is also an expert in medicine, insurance, economics, biomechanics, civil procedure and evidence. This require years of experience and handling hundreds of big rig accident cases. 
We have successfully represented thousands of car accident victims in Sacramento CA and Northern California for the past decade. We have won tens of millions of dollars for our clients. And Thomas S. Geraghty, Esq., is one of the few personal injury attorneys in Sacramento CA to have won a case valued at over $6 Million.

Should I hire an attorney for my big rig accident case?

If you have been seriously injured in a big rig accident, the answer is definitley yes.

And you need an attorney who is an expert in big rig accident law.

We have various lawyers, who are experts in other areas of law, refer us motor vehicle accident cases because of our expertise. Why? Because the area of personal injury law that specifically deals with auto accidents is highly specialized. You would not want an attorney who works every day in labor law handling this type of case. Its outside of their area of expertise. You want an attorney who works everyday with car accident cases.

What is the process in a typical big rig accident case?

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