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Thomas S. Geraghty

Motorcycle accident law requires an attorney who understands not only the motor vehicle code, but is also an expert in medicine, insurance, economics, biomechanics, civil procedure and evidence. This require years of experience and handling hundreds of motorcycle accident cases.
We have successfully represented thousands of motorcycle accident victims in Sacramento CA and Northern California for the past decade. We have won tens of millions of dollars for our clients. And Thomas S. Geraghty, Esq., is one of the few personal injury attorneys in Sacramento CA to have won a case valued at over $6 Million.

Do I need a lawyer if I was in a motorcycle accident?

If you were in a motorcycle accident, you should to speak with a personal injury attorney ASAP.


And you need an attorney who is an expert in motorcycle accident law.

We have various lawyers, who are experts in other areas of law, refer us motor vehicle accident cases because of our expertise. Why? Because the area of personal injury law that specifically deals with auto accidents is highly specialized. You would not want an attorney who works every day in labor law handling this type of case. Its outside of their area of expertise. You want an attorney who works everyday with motorcycle accident cases.

What is the process in a typical motorcycle accident case?

1Free Consultation

First, you can call today for a free consultation. If you were injured in a vehicle collision, you should talk to an attorney immediately. The call is free. The consultation is free. There is no obligation to speak with us. And you can learn valuable information about how we can help you.


Once we represent our client, our first goal is protection. We will protect you from making damaging statements to insurance companies, preserve evidence in your case, and help you obtain the best medical care for your injuries.
We can help fend off collections from medical providers. We stop harassing phone calls from insurance adjusters. And we insulate you from the stress of the case, allowing you to concentrate on your recovery and healing.

3Professional Representation

Next, we process the legal side of the car accident case for you with the utmost professionalism. We handle everything from insurance correspondence, to the collection of evidence, to presenting your demand and settling your case, even going to trial if you decide it is in your best interest.
We return every phone call within 24 hours, and most days we have an answer to your question within the same day.
You always have access to the information in your file. Anytime and anything you ask for, we will provide it immediately.

4Access to Great Medical Care

Our primary goal is to then get you the best medical care for your injuries. Motorcycle accidents can cause serious, life changing injuries or death. The area of medicine that specializes in helping motorcycle accident victims is highly specialized, and most doctors do not know how to help, or simply do not want to help in these case. You need to be seen by medical experts who can properly diagnose you, and help you recover. We can help you understand your injuries, and get seen and treated by the best medical specialist in auto accident injuries in the State of California.
Many times your health insurance will also act against your interest in this regard, authorizing the minimum amount of care, rather than the best. And sometimes, our client have no health insurance at all, or Medi-Cal which, severely limits your ability to gain access to adequate care.
But if you hire us, we work closely with the top medical professionals who will see you immediately once they know we represent you.

5Better Results

Simply put, hiring a professional car accident attorney will increase your chances of gaining a better result in your case. No attorney can guarantee a result in your case, because we cannot predict the future. But we have a track record or winning 98% of our car accident cases. But we can guarantee that if we do not win your case, we will never take a fee or charge you one penny.
By working together, we increase the probability of winning. By hiring the best attorneys who are experts in car accident law, you increase your chance of getting a better result.

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